Marigold Fijne Boter

Marigold Butter is widely known in Suriname for its refined flavor and is essential in any home, restaurant or catering service. Marigold Butter is perfect for roasting meat and sautéing vegetables. It is also great for baking cake and cookies, and making creamy garlic and herb butters.

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Golden Brand Margarine

Golden Brand Margarine has a creamy consistency and full flavor and is suitable for cooking and baking cake and cookies. It is 100% vegetable-based, cholesterol free , transfat free and enriched with vitamins A and D3. It is very easy to use with its handy markings of 2 tbs portions on the packaging. Golden Brand Margarine comes in wrappers of 227 g.

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Gelebek Margarine

Yellow Bird Margarine, also known as Gelebek Margarine, is the first product of N.V. VSH FOODS. In november 2019 is the brand name Yellow Bird Margarine officially changed in Gelebek Margaine. 
Gelebek have also a new look and is written in Dutch language as in Sranan Tongo. 

Gelebek Margarine is therefore suitable for cooking, baking and grilling. It is 100% used, cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free and enriched with vitamins A and D₃. Gelebek Margarine is available in wrap of 227 g and in an industrial variant of 20 kg.

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Bake 'n Fry Shortening

Bake ’n Fry Shortening is 100% vegetable-based. It contains only oils and fats and is cholesterol free and transfat free. This product is suitable for frying at a temperature of 180°C, baking bread and pastries. It is also suitable for greasing baking sheets and pans. Bake ’n Fry Shortening can be reused for at least 7 frying cycles. It bakes dry and crispy and it's more economic.

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Baker's Choice

Baker’s Choice Industrial Margarine or “baker’s margarine” is perfect for baking bread, cakes and pastries. The Baker’s Choice products are made of 100% vegetable-based oils and fats. The Baker’s Choice products come in boxes of 20 kg (containing 4 bags of 5kg) and in a plastic bucket of 10 kg that does not require refrigeration.

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